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Important information! Taking into account the current state of the epidemiologic situation in Moscow, administrative documents of Moscow State University on its work during the pandemic and guided by caring for the participants, the Russian members of the Organizing Committee decided to hold the conference in a completely remote format via Zoom for oral talks and Rocket.Chart for poster session.

    Dear Colleagues,

    the Organizing Committee cordially invites you to participate in the 2nd Moscow Autumn Perovskite Photovoltaic International Conference (MAPPIC-2020) that will be held on 26-28 October 2020.

    Last year, we celebrated 10 years of perovskite photovoltaics: 10 years of extremely intense, fast and constantly changing field of materials science. Today, hybrid perovskites are still the hottest topic which accumulates a lot of hope and promises.

    MAPPIC is an annual meeting in Russia organized by Lomonosov Moscow State University as international event for industry, researchers and students working in field of perovskite photovoltaic and hybrid perovskite materials. This year, we extend the scope of the conference to all perspective applications of hybrid perovskites and make a focus on the most painful topics.

Organizing Committee:

  • Prof. Michael Graetzel (EPFL, Switzerland)
  • Prof. Xiaowei Sun (SUSTech, China)
  • Prof. Stepan Kalmykov (MSU, Russia)
  • Prof. Eugene Goodilin (MSU, Russia)
  • Prof. Juan Bisquert (Jaume I University, Spain)
  • Prof. David Mitzi (Duke University, USA)
  • Prof. Andrei Shevelkov (MSU, Russia)
  • Dr. Alexey Tarasov (MSU, Russia)
  • Prof. Aron Walsh (Imperial College London, Great Britain)
  • Prof. Maksym Kovalenko (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Prof. Yang Shao-Horn (MIT, USA)

Scientific Program:

  • Perovskite Solar Cells: How Close are They to the Market? (PSCs, tandems, scalability)
  • Fundamentals of Physics and Chemistry of Perovskites: Not Only PCE Matters
  • Photon-emission and Detection: Easy to Obtain, Difficult to Sustain
  • With or Without Lead? Toxicity, Stability, New Materials
  • New Paradigm of Computational Materials Science: From DFT and Structural Analysis to Machine Learning and Big Data
  • What else? Photocatalysis, Betavoltaics, Spintronics, Second-harmonic Generation and Other Non-conventional Directions

Scientific Program of MAPPIC-2020

The “MAPPIC-2020”, therefore, aims not only to highlight the status quo of the field and what is achieved up to date, but instead, raise the most critical questions, make an impact on pain points.

All participants will be invited to publish their results in the virtual special peer-reviewed issue "10 years of perovskite photovoltaics: achievements and new challenges" of the journal Mendeleev Communications (Elsevier) [IF = 1.7] with a rapid review processing (less than two weeks). Possible article formats: Opinions (1-2 pages), Communication (2-3 pages), Mini-review (5-7 pages). The studies for publication in the special issue can be submitted until 28.02.2021 and will be published immediately after being recieved and accepted after a peer review process; the formation and online publication of the virtual special issue is planned for March-April 2021.

The participance in the conference is free of charge!

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Important dates:

Abstract submission start: 21th September

Abstract submission deadline: 19th October

Final Scientific Program announcement: 22nd October

Download the First Circular (pdf)

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Program of the Conference (pdf) [upd: 26.10.2020]

Information about MAPPIC-2019 (archive)

With Support of:

Russian Science Foundation En+

Informational Support:

American Chemical Society

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The conference is supported by RSF project №19-73-30022