On 21st of July a research project on perovskite solar cells was presented to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. At the stand, talented schoolchildren presented a hand-made working prototype of a perovskite solar cell developed in the framework of their project.

Researchers of the Laboratory of New Materials for Solar Energetics of the Department of Materials Science of Moscow State University are conducting an educational project on perovskite photovoltaics with gifted schoolchildren in the educational centre "Sirius" (Sochi, Russia). For the whole month pupils assembled the equipment necessary to deposit thin layers of perovskites, mastered theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the principles of operation and technology of obtaining new-generation solar cells. The result of the project was presented at a demonstration stand with a functioning prototype of a perovskite solar cell. Schoolchildren from different regions of the Russian Federation took part in the project: Murmansk, Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg, Taganrog, as well as from the Moscow State University Gymnasium in Moscow.

July 21, Vladimir Putin visited the educational centre "Sirius", where schoolchildren presented him their project. According to the portalGazeta.ru, the President highly appreciated the developments in Russia in the field of the newest solar cells: "We must be on the brink of this progress, we must think about it today, be prepared for this. We are working in this field quite actively in different directions. I hope that when this is in demand, we will be able to be fully engaged," he said. "Renewable [resources] are the wind, the tides of the wave, this is solar energy. Humanity has a wide choice. The only question is that all this should be efficient and cheaper than hydrocarbons. But we need to think about this today, " the president emphasized.

The project is being implemented by the Laboratory of New Materials for Solar Energetics in order to prepare students and then qualified scientific personnel for the high-tech industries of the Russian economy in the framework of the Federal Program 14.607.21.0147 in the field of applied research and experimental development (project RFMEFI60716X0147) jointly with the industrial partner of the Laboratory, EuroSibEnergo.