Students of the laboratory showed outstanding results at the All-Russian conference Lomonosov-2018 in the section "Fundamental Materials Science":

Bachelor students:
Andrei Tutantsev (3rd year bachelor student) - II degree diploma
Nikita Stepanov (2nd year) - III degree diploma
Alexander Sudakov (1st year) - III degree diploma

Master and PhD Students:
Aleksei Grishko (1st year PhD student) - I degree diploma
Yulia Sokolova (2nd year master student) - II degree diploma
Natalia Shlenskaya (2nd year PhD student) - II degree diploma
Elena Zharyonova (1st year master student) - III degree diploma
Pavel Rudnev (1st year master student) - III degree diploma

In addition, Yulia Sokolova was awarded the 1st degree diploma in the competition of student works at the VIII Conference of Young Scientists on General and Inorganic Chemistry, conducted during the same days by S.N. Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences. Congratulations!