The Laboratory of New Materials for Solar Energetics was founded in 2016 at the Faculty of Materials Science of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. Head and creator of the laboratory - Ph.D. Alexey Tarasov.

The main research direction of the Laboratory is the development of novel materials for perovskite solar cells, light-emitting devices and detectors based on hybrid organo-inorganic perovskites.

Hybrid perovskites start their recent history in 2009, when they were for the first time used in the Gretzel type solar cells as an absorber of solar light. The result gave birth to a new type of solar cells - perovskite solar cells and the development of a unique family of solid-state light-absorbing materials.

Hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites with a general formula ABX3, where A = CH3NH3+, HC(NH2)2+, Cs+; B = Pb2+, Sn2+; X = I-, Br-, Cl- and devices based on these compounds are currently one of the most intensively developing research areas in the world scientific community. Since its opening in 2009, the conversion efficiency of solar energy by perovskite solar cells has increased from 3% to 25% in 2019, and the low cost and ease of their manufacturing make this type of solar cell the most promising and competitive.

The scientific interests of the laboratory include:

  • development of solution methods for producing hybrid perovskites;
  • innovative redox methods for scalable production of perovskite solar cells;
  • development of new methods for fabrication of single crystals of hybrid perovskites and perovskite-like compounds, study of their properties and fabrication of the devices based on them;
  • increasing the stability of perovskite solar cells and studying the processes of their degradation;
  • modeling the properties of hybrid perovskites by DFT and semi-empirical methods.

Our partners

Prof. Michael Graetzel, EPFL

The largest independent power company in Russia

Team members

Alexey Tarasov

Head of laboratory

Eugene Goodilin

D.Sc., corresponding member of RAS

Nikolai Belich

Junior researcher

Andrey Petrov

Junior researcher

Natalia Udalova

Junior researcher

Sergey Fateev

Junior researcher