The Laboratory of New Materials for Solar Energetics was founded in 2016 at the Department of Materials Science of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. Head and creator of the laboratory - Ph.D. Alexey Tarasov, scientific supervisor of the laboratory - Corresponding member of RAS, Prof. Eugene Goodilin.

The main research field of the laboratory is devoted to hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites and perovskite solar cells.

Our partners

Prof. Michael Graetzel, EPFL

The largest independent power company in Russia

Team members

Alexey Tarasov

Head of laboratory

Eugene Goodilin

D.Sc., corresponding member of RAS

Natalia Udalova

4th year Ph.D. student

Nikolai Belich

3rd year Ph.D. student

Aleksei Grishko

3rd year Ph.D. student

Andrey Petrov

3rd year Ph.D. student

Sergey Fateev

3rd year Ph.D. student