Jr. researcher Aleksei Grishko, jr. researcher Andrey Petrov, and head of the laboratory Alexey Tarasov at the conference PSCO-2018 (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Head of the laboratory Alexey Tarasov, jr. researcher Alexey Grishko and jr. researcher Andrey Petrov participated in the largest international conference on perovskite photovoltaics – PSCO-2018 (Lausanne, Switzerland), which took place from October 30th to November 2nd, where they presented some recent results of the laboratory in oral and two poster presentations.

Many conference participants are well acquainted with the laboratory’s publications on reactive polyiodide melts and perovskite adducts with aprotic solvents and the new data presented drew great attention. Junior researcher Aleksei Grishko was awarded a diploma of the Journal of Materials Chemistry A RSC for the best poster.

Students of the laboratory won prizes at the conferences!

Students of the laboratory showed outstanding results at the All-Russian conference Lomonosov-2018 in the section "Fundamental Materials Science":

Bachelor students:
Andrei Tutantsev (3rd year bachelor student) - II degree diploma
Nikita Stepanov (2nd year) - III degree diploma
Alexander Sudakov (1st year) - III degree diploma

Master and PhD Students:
Aleksei Grishko (1st year PhD student) - I degree diploma
Yulia Sokolova (2nd year master student) - II degree diploma
Natalia Shlenskaya (2nd year PhD student) - II degree diploma
Elena Zharyonova (1st year master student) - III degree diploma
Pavel Rudnev (1st year master student) - III degree diploma

In addition, Yulia Sokolova was awarded the 1st degree diploma in the competition of student works at the VIII Conference of Young Scientists on General and Inorganic Chemistry, conducted during the same days by S.N. Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences. Congratulations!

Head of the laboratory A.B. Tarasov presents a talk on perovskite photovoltaics at the forum 'COP23 Renewable Energy Day'

On November 12, an international forum dedicated to renewable energy sources 'COP23 Renewable Energy Day' took place in Bonn, held by the International Renewable Energy Agency - IRENA.

Among the invited speakers of the forum the academic community of Russia was presented the Laboratory of new materials for solar energy. Participants of the forum with great interest took the report on the prospects of perovskite solar energy and breakthrough work in this area conducted at Moscow State University.